Dale Reardon – Vote 1 for Kingborough Council Tasmania

Independent Candidate For Kingborough Council

Background and Experience

My name is Dale Reardon and I am standing for election in the local government elections for the Kingborough Council in Tasmania. The ballot papers will be mailed to all eligible voters shortly and I encourage you to learn more about me and my policies and views and I ask that you vote 1 for Dale Reardon in Kingborough.

I am an independent candidate and not affiliated with any major political party. I have no intention at all of using Kingborough Council as a stepping stone to State or Federal politics and I believe passionately in the Kingborough community. Kingborough Council is my first choice, not my second best option because I was unsuccessful trying for higher offices.

I am 44 years of age, married and living in a beautiful part of Kingborough, known as Kingston Beach. I have a seeing eye dog called Charlie and he is pictured to the right. My wife, Jo, and I love the lifestyle in Kingston Beach and I want to ensure that all residents of Kingborough benefit from what Kingborough has to offer. If you would like to learn more about me then please visit the About Dale page.

I have a wide and varied work and business experience including owning and operating small businesses in Kingston. You can read the full details of my experience here but to summarise I believe I have the necessary skills to competently represent you because:

  • I am a qualified lawyer with experience litigating and negotiating planning and development cases;
  • I have small business experience operating a law firm and several tourist accommodation businesses in Battery Point for over 8 years;
  • I served as a Board member and Director of the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Tasmania and acquired corporate management skills;
  • I served as the inaugural President of Blind Citizens Australia Tasmanian Branch and as a member of the executive after my term as President;
  • I operate a small business along with my wife helping people moving to Tasmania and we also operate a blog all about living in Tasmania.



I want to see Kingborough continue to grow and develop and offer even more services and facilities to the community. Obviously development needs to be undertaken sensibly, considering the specific needs of the aging, the disabled and families. As a disabled person myself I will bring a very different perspective to the Council and ensure that accessibility is given high priority. I believe there is a need for disabled representation on Council, and not merely on an accessibility sub-committee. All of Council’s facilities and services must be accessible to all of us. This might mean more and better family changing rooms, more disabled carparks and toilets and information being provided in accessible formats.

I also firmly and without reservation support pensioner concessions for pensioners in Kingborough. We must help the disabled and elderly who make up an important part of our community.

I understand there is also an issue regarding the upgrading of the Channel Highway between Kingston and Taroona. Taroona is an important part of our Council area and they need to have good access to the wide variety of services and facilities of Kingston.

We are very privileged at Kingston Beach to have a very large, easily accessible and permanently open, dog beach. As dog owners we must use the dog beach responsibly and ensure our dogs do not intrude onto the rest of the beach to ensure that everyone benefits from our great foreshore. Because apart from having a great dog beach right on our doorstep the public beach is also terrific for swimming and for families to play and enjoy. I would like to see exercise areas for dogs off leash expanded in our municipality and have dual usage of some ovals for both sport and dogs. This works very well in Hobart with the Parliament St Oval being available to both dog exercise and local sporting groups.


My Promises to You

Above all my philosophy is to listen to you, be available to you and truly and honestly take on your issues. I believe that Councillors need to be available to the residents and not just rely on advice provided by Council employees. As Councillors we should not be removed from the public and just making decisions without ever speaking to you. Our Council employees are very important but I promise to continue to listen to you.

I can’t promise to always win on every issue but I will use my negotiation and business skills to ensure that Kingborough is managed responsibly and that we get value from your hard earned rate dollars.

I also promise not to forget the outlying and less densely populated areas of our region such as Fern Tree, Neika and the southern Channel. You all pay the same rates and deserve the same high standard of services and facilities. Believe me I know what it is like to have bad roads and essentially live in a street forgotten by the Council. Albert Street Kingston Beach where I live is in a very bad state with major potholes, constant puddles that don’t drain away, no curbs or gutters and no drainage. I can empathise with you if your street has not been properly maintained. I will fight to ensure a fair distribution of your money to all areas not just the major centre of Kingston.

If you have any queries about my views on certain issues or want to discuss any Council policies then I invite you to contact me and I will be happy to discuss things with you.

You can also read my comments on various policy issues on my election blog.


Please Spread the Word!

Of course I need to get my message out to as many people as possible so I ask that you please tell your friends and family about my website and encourage them to vote for me as well. Any assistance with my campaign would be gratefully received. Send your friends and family an email right now while you think of it or post on Facebook about the election and encourage your friends and family to visit my website. I thank you for spreading the message.

I look forward to representing you if I am lucky enough to be successful at the election.


Many thanks,

Dale Reardon



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